Composite Bonding

Uneven, spaced, gappy or discoloured teeth can leave you feeling embarrassed to smile. Composite bonding can solve all these problems quickly, comservatively and beautifully.

Composite bonding is a conservative way to change the shape, shade and size of your teeth. Unlike porcelain veneers, composite bonding can repair a tooth removing little or no tooth structure, making it a conservative alternative, preserving your natural teeth. When designing your smile with composite bonding, we carefully make detailed designs that are bespoke for you. 

Individual, Bespoke Design

An advanced white filling material (Composite Bonding) is bonded directly to the surface of your tooth and sets within a few seconds, giving immediate results. We use a number of systems which allow us to rebuild a tooth in the same manner it was formed in nature, producing life-like restorations.  Stains, white spots and translucent areas can all be copied using these materials, as the systems we use have a vast array of different colours and shades.


Vicky's Story of Composite Bonding

Vicky's Journey to a More Confident Smile

“Very pleased with my treatment. Love my new smile having hated my gappy teeth all my life. I am so happy with the results. All members of the team have been so friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend this practice”




Vicky found that she didn't smile in public as often as she would have liked to because she disliked the fact that her teeth had gaps between them.


Dr Stephen Gibson planned No Preparation Composite Bonding, adding Composite Bonding to the front surfaces of her teeth at a single appointment.

Jodie's Journey of Composite Bonding

"Overwhelmed With Happiness"

"I can happily smile again. I wouldn’t definitely recommend this dentist to anyone and can’t thank them enough. All the staff have been wonderful. Thank you!” Jodie.


Jodie said: “Before I came to Andrea Ubhi I was very self conscious of my teeth as they had become very worn from having a problem with grinding them during the night. I wouldn’t ever smile with my teeth showing.I was also scared of the dentists and hadn’t been for a while."


"When I booked a consultation here and met Steve Gibson I didn’t feel nervous and was excited for the treatment. I enjoyed coming to the dentist every time! Now all the work has been done on my teeth I am overwhelmed with happiness and feel so much more confident."

Beth's Story

Complex Cases

Aesthetic Cases

Simple Cases

The Process

The composite bonding process takes one appointment lasting from 1-4 hours. The composite is applied in layers by hand using different colours, hues and translucencies, mimicking the natural layers of a tooth and can be used as an alternative option to porcelain veneers.

We believe in protecting your teeth and using minimally invasive dentistry.  Our aim with composite bonding is to achieve the results you desire without removing any natural tooth.

From £425 per tooth. 

Highly experienced Dr Steve Gibson.

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